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PROSTAFF is a SQS certified one-stop-shop for human resource management. We offer services in the recruitment of external IT and data specialists, the staffing of IT and data science projects as well as in payroll accounting and administration.

Range of services

On the one hand we recruit and hire the necessary skills to meet your needs, and on the other we offer you tailored HR services and expertise in winning and processing staff. Our services are aimed at human resource managers, purchasers of professional services as well as department heads from the fields of information technology, data science, digitalization and automation. We mainly serve medium-sized and larger companies in the banking, insurance, service, industrial and administration sectors.

What we offer

Contract recruitment

You have internal vacancies, technology transfers to manage or budgeted projects. We have extensive experience of supplying temporary staff. Thanks to the PROSTAFF pool of specialists we are able to bridge the gap for you, filling temporary staff shortages easily, quickly and flexibly, and in a professional manner.

We work with you to clarify your requirements. Careful analysis at the start of the recruitment process ensures targeted, needs-oriented recruitment. Once you have selected a candidate, we deal with the administrative and legal side. We also support you throughout the duration of the contract, assisting you with our expertise whenever required.

We can supply specialists in many areas, including business analysis, online conception, architecture, development, engineering, (cyber) security, testing, project management officer (PMO), project management, project management and test management. In addition to information technology, we provide competencies in the fields of data science (big data, data analysis, etc.), digitization (UX, UI, DBM, etc.) and automation (RPA, AI, etc.).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient recruitment and optimization of search costs
  • At the interview your entire focus is on the project, while we deal with everything else for you
  • Tailor-made, easily comparable candidate profiles including price and evaluation of strengths
  • Straightforward, flexible administration
  • Monitoring of the cost ceiling
  • Transparency throughout the process
  • Ongoing support and advice

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Payroll/HR services

You have found the person you need but your personnel budget has already been used up. Owing to time limitations, a recruitment freeze or headcount restrictions, you prefer to consider an external solution. Maybe economically uncertain times or the expense and risks of hiring an employee have prompted you to recruit and process vacancies via an agency. With the PROSTAFF payroll service you can employ your staff quickly and easily without any administrative burden.

We handle recruitment, accounting, administration and cost ceiling monitoring for you. So your staff members are employed by our company and their salaries are paid directly by us. In addition, all the necessary insurances are dealt with by us and any taxes deducted. Our payroll service therefore enables you to devote more time to tasks that add value, and to focus on your core business.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Book employees to the project budget
  • No employer risk
  • You are free to focus on your core business
  • Ongoing support and advice

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Contract management

You already know who to hire and need someone to carry out the administration. We will oversee the contractual negotiations and implement contracts in accordance with your needs and requirements.

PROSTAFF carries out the full range of administrative tasks, including obtaining the documentation you require or monitoring the cost ceiling. The administrative tasks relating to your external employees can thus be channelled through one cost centre, and you have a single contact person if you need to extend or amend a contract.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Streamlined personnel administration
  • Saving on cost centres
  • Prices in line with your requirements
  • Ongoing support and advice

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Expertise / RPO

You need support and expertise in winning and administrating staff. We are experts in recruitment, administration and marketing. We use all Recruiting 2.0 media channels and give you access to the proactively managed PROSTAFF pool of specialists, which consists of national and international (EU) freelancers.

For many years now we have contributed to the enduring success of companies, completed numerous staff placements, implemented countless projects and overseen a wide variety of transitions into permanent employment. Thanks to our focus on IT we have specific knowledge of the field and are therefore competent contact partners. We stand for transparency and trust, discretion and commitment.

We are fast and flexible and design solutions tailored to your requirements. With our many years of experience, we provide you with dependable support throughout the projects. Numerous clients have named us as a “preferred supplier”, which underlines the excellence of our service.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Comprehensive support and advice
  • Tailored service
  • Many years of HR expertise with an all-round track record

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Our experience has shown that the combination of onsite and nearshore developments delivers optimal, cost-effective and high-quality project results from a certain order volume. Due to short distances, projects can be realized without time differences and without major changeovers.