Technical Consultant RedHat (Ref. #19064)


For our customer we are looking for a technical consultant in the area of Linux RedHat 3 and/or Linux RedHat CloudForms. You will face the following challenges:

  • Consulting for API gateway & management using RedHat 3Scale
  • API traffic control integration with cloud components
  • OpenShift integration for containers and automation
  • Hybrid cloud support across different components

and/or with RedHat CloudForms competences you will deal with the following tasks:

  • Advise the architecture and integration team in regards of the integration of Red Hat CloudForms to enable creation, management and monitoring of public, private and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Integration and management of cloud infrastructure and services from multiple cloud platforms with a single platform.

You have the following skills and Experience:

  • RedHat 3 Scale, API gateway& life cycle management
  • Openshift integration
  • Hybrid cloud intecrgation
  • Good German language skills

and/or with RedHat CloudForms focus:

  • RedHat CloudForms
  • Knowledge of the integration of multiple cloud environments (public, private)
  • Good German languange skills
Start date: 
100% (50%remote possible)
Project duration: 
4 Months++
Contact person:

Interested? Ms Chantal Meyer (+41 44 810 20 91) looks forward to receiving your application.

PROSTAFF Schweiz Llc. - Europa-Strasse 17 - CH-8152 Glattbrugg
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